Oren Michels | Co-Founder & GM
December 03, 2013

Expanding our Commitment to Developers


We have some exciting news to share with you. Mashery, an Intel Company, has acquired the assets of Hacker League LLC.

When we founded Mashery back in 2006, we understood that connecting developers to fantastic APIs was going to be an important part of successful API Management. As the world’s leading API management provider, Mashery has demonstrated its commitment to the developer community from day one. Mashery evangelists participate in and organize 60+ hackathons each year, all over the world. Combined with investments in open source projects like I/O Docs and sample apps, Mashery is investing in Hacker League to make this tool even better for developers and hackathon organizers.

Mashery‘s need to run and manage developer events is growing every month. With the Hacker League assets, Mashery can now deliver the best-in-class tool for developers and hackathon organizers to easily post and share information about events, hacks, and prizes, and we can can scale consistently and reliably with growing industry demand for these developer services.

To learn more about how our fantastic Mashery Developer Outreach team is going to work closely with Hacker League co-founder, Mike Swift, and his leading hackathon management tool, read his post on the Mashery Developer blog.