College students from the greater New York area will be invited to compete. Participants will be permitted to work in teams of up to four people. Teams will have 24 hours on site in which to develop and code a game prototype. The game prototypes will be presented to a panel of experts and will be judged on completeness, innovation, and gameplay. Prizes and giveaways will be awarded.


1st Prize

$300 Steam Gift Certificate

2nd Prize

$100 Steam Gift Certificate

3rd Prize

$50 Steam Gift Certificate



11:30am: Check In and Security
12:00pm: Saturday: Introduction, Explanation of Rules, Q & A
01:00pm: Lunch served, Competition begins.
06:00pm: Dinner is served.


12:00am: Desert / Midnight Snack Served.
07:00am: Breakfast is served.
01:00pm: Lunch is served, Competition ends.
01:30pm: Presentation of Game Prototypes.
03:00pm: Break while judges confer.
04:00pm: Presentation of Awards.
04:30pm: Clean up
05:00pm: End of Event.

Additional details

  • Student will have an environment where they can bring their computing equipment including laptops and may choose to bring blankets and/or sleeping bags in case they want to sleep
  • To ensure maximum of safety of students and to sustain the integrity of said competition students are encouraged not to leave the campus during the competition.
  • The event will house several ACM members as facilitators in case the participants have any inquiry regarding the event and the competition rules.
  • To ensure the safety of students we will provide security during the entire competition
  • To satisfy any inquiry of participating students, we will hold a Q/A session where students may ask any questions
  • Four meals with refreshments will be served to students
  • Each participating group will have 5 minutes to demonstrate their finished prototypes.

What to bring

1) State ID (for non-CUNY students) and College ID
2) Your laptop with any development software you need installed.
3) Power cords, joysticks, mice, flash drives, and any other hardware you require. We will not provide additional hardware.
4) (Optional) Sleeping bag/blanket/pillow if you want to sleep


Link to Flyer (pdf)

Facebook page

Link to Facebook page


You can reach us at ccnyacm@gmail.com

Registration deadline is April 2