With 75% of the web’s servers running PHP, including the user facing portions of Wikipedia and Facebook, PHP doesn’t need to prove itself to anyone. It’s the can-do language of the web: it slices, it dices, it scales. The content-management category in PHP is so diverse and powerful it blurs the lines between programming and editing content. With the wide array of Drupal modules and Wordpress plugins, you can build in huge chunks of functionality before anybody writes a line of code. We’re inviting everyone in the thriving PHP ecosystem to come and show just what they can do with all those hammers.

Hack on your most far fetched ideas with like-minded engineers, then enjoy drinks on the roof of Meetup HQ while the judges deliberate. You might win a wonderful prize and the chance to come back and compete in the grand finale, and you will definitely score some free food, drinks, and good company.

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