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We take the best of online commerce to personalize the brick and mortar experience.

Imagine walking into a store today: you and every other customer have the same experience. We measure by monthly uniques online, so why do we double count repeat customers in stores?

Now imagine, walking into a store with an offer you received for that plaid shirt you wanted to buy last week. This store understands you!

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Our platform engages customers while they're in stores. We track a customer's in-store purchases over time, and learn to understand their needs and build a relationship with them. Two weeks later, we can send customized offers via mobile for locations they visited and products "browsed". In addition to driving traffic, our algorithm offers recommendations of other products uniquely relevant their past purchases.

Retail stores are measured on sales, and sales come from happy customers. Physical stores lack the rich data of online sites, but when done well stores can create an customer experience like no website can. What if you could combine the best of both?

Let us show you what we've got in store...



Lucas Lemanowicz