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Avant-garde matches the perfect product to each of your customers by visually analyzing products and social media streams to understand exactly what they want right now.

There are 3 inalienable truths about the fashion business:

  1. Your existing customers are your best customers

  2. Excess inventory kills

  3. The holy grail = the right product in front of the right customer at the right time

Avant-garde leverages a brand’s existing customers, minimizes excess inventory, and gets the right product in front of the right customer at the right time by performing real-time, advanced imaging analysis of customer-level social media to determine that customer’s current preferences in real time.

The single biggest challenge for every brand and retailer boils down to getting the right product in front of the right customer at the right time.

In the digital age, that means targeted product recommendations in online shops and email marketing. But existing platforms use only past shopping behavior to target product recommendations, and that’s not telling you what the customer wants right now. So what does? Avant-garde does.

Let’s say a designer wants to push out inventory of a given piece to 100 customers by email. Now it doesn’t matter if this is part of a new collection or things that didn’t sell from the last collection. The bottom line is that excess inventory kills fashion brands, and both designers and retailers know it. They need to get their product in front of the customers who are most likely to buy it right now.

Avant-garde’s advanced image algorithms analyze the product a designer or retailer wants to push and then analyze real-time images from the social media platforms of each and every one of his registered users. We look at the user’s Pinterest, Tumbler, and Instagram photos, filter for only fashion photos and then use proprietary analytical methods to predict the 100 customers who are most likely to buy a that particular product right now.

With the push of one button, the user delivers a perfectly targeted SendGrid campaign to customers.

Avant-garde works just as well to improve sales of a generalized promotion by getting the right pieces from that collection in front of the right customer. With an easy-to-use interface, the platform analyzes an entire collection then analyzes all of the designer’s existing customers. Next our algorithms match each customer with the piece they’re most likely to buy, and the platform automatically sends another perfectly targeted SendGrid campaign.

Avant-garde: take your targeted marketing out of the past and get in front of your customers with the products they’re craving right now.


Vladimir Dedov