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SWATCHit is an innovative technology enabled Peer-to-Peer Platform connecting global designers with Emerging Market Artisans and overseas producers.

Thousands of Fashion Designers in the US and internationally outsource high-end embroidery work to India, a multi-billion dollar market encompassing fast fashion to couture luxury.

Managing communication, coordination and efficiency is fraught with complexities and frustrations as international designers navigate cultural, language and geographical barriers.

SWATCHits simple and easy to use, real-time web-based tool and mobile app offers a powerful technology solution that will save time and money that is wasted on incorrect sampling and production.

In promoting this platform, the CFDA would be a key stakeholder in supporting US designers to effectively outsource necessary production overseas, and optimise the iterative, creative and human design process. Designers will indeed be "closer" to manufacturers, in an increasingly globalised world.

SWATCHit offers a compelling business case with a robust revenue model from upfront fees and a subscription based model. Moreover, the data collected from overseas producers provides a powerful analytical tool and builds a profile of overseas suppliers that US designers can leverage, promoting trade and transparency.

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Ramzi Abdoch
Jackson Lin