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Friendly Feast is the easiest way to feast with friends!

Say you want to get lunch for the office or you want to order some food with your friends during the big game. Do you want to be the one in charge of taking everyone's order? Do you want to figure out what portion of the bill each person owes? Probably not. So, use Friendly Feast.

You pick a time and a place. We then provide a list of restaurants that will deliver to your location at the specified time. Once you choose a restaurant, it's time to invite friends to the feast! Each friend gets an email with the details of the feast and unique link to place an order.

Click the link, pick the items you want from the restaurant menu, and pay for your meal with your credit card. When your card is charged, the money is put into an account managed by Friendly Feast. Exactly one hour before the start of the feast, all submitted orders are combined into one full order to be placed with the merchant. This way, the merchant receives a single payment but the individual eaters get to pay for their portion of the meal separately and everyone's food arrives at the same time!

No one gets stuck keeping track of special orders. No one gets stuck dividing up the bill. Everyone feasts together!

@ryankanno and @carl0svalle built Friendly Feast using API's from:

  • SendGrid
  • Braintree


Ryan K
Carlos Valle