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For this climate resilience app challenge we are submitting the communityviz web app, a tool that planners can use to open up new opportunities for education, citizen engagement and policy change. The web app publisher is an all-new wizard for desktop CommunityViz that makes it incredibly easy to export your analysis results to ArcGIS Online and view with the Web App Viewer. The Viewer is a custom app available from the ArcGIS Marketplace. Using the outputs of the Web App Publisher, this template provides the ideal way to show your work to broader audiences. It's attractive, friendly, and mobile-ready. CommunityViz Web Apps are custom web templates that extend ArcGIS Online to provide CommunityViz-based content and functions. The Web App Publisher, a Desktop-based CommunityViz Presentation tool, fully automates the process of publishing a Desktop analysis to an online Web App. CommunityViz Web Apps are a great way to quickly share your analysis results with your ArcGIS Online Organization, selected Groups, or the general public. To illustrate what the web app can do in a climate resilience context, we’re demonstrating our work from the Mid-Michigan Program for Greater Sustainability. The web app shows a published CommunityViz analysis. The analysis considers energy and greenhouse gas generation in the context of exploring three scenarios which show possible energy futures.

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HactionJackson over 1 year ago

Hi Coyotl!!! Esri would like to talk to you directly about your experience with the App Challenge! Could you please email so we can contact you about your app? Thanks!!!

Ian Varley