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Climate change is a real problem, regardless of anyone’s belief of its cause. Water, above all else, is our most precious resource, and it should be conserved whenever possible. Without water, we as humans can only survive 3 days! The mission at EveryDrop is to provide applications for both the public and the government agencies a resource to both curb water waste and promote water conservation.


Los Angeles is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Being located in Southern California, however, has its challenges. By enabling the EveryDrop platform, cities and counties can put the power of the crowd to work for them. Water waste can be identified quickly, allowing conservation of every drop possible. By using our platform, in conjunction with Esri’s GIS technology, the power of big data comes alive. Water waste can now be isolated, quantified and studied. Education is tantamount in the effort to conserve water, and with the help of EveryDrop it’s easier than ever. We have an obligation to be good stewards of our planet’s resources, and EveryDrop helps in accomplishing that goal.


The EveryDrop Water Platform is an end-to-end solution built on the Esri stack of ArcGIS products. The solution is made up for four main components: 1) Smartphone Applications for Citizens; 2) a web based Management Console for the Smartphone Applications; 3) end-to-end integration into Esri's ArcGIS Server and/or ArcGIS Online; and 4) an Operation Dashboard to monitor and visualize water operations.

When citizens download the free EveryDrop Smartphone Application, you put the power of water conservation in the palm of everyone's hand. Beautifully designed and integrated with Esri's ArcGIS SDKs for Android & iOS, users are enabled to:

  • Identify and report water waste directly
  • View instances of water waste around them
  • Receive alerts to conserve when it's absolutely essential
  • Educate themselves on water conservation
  • Engage with the water community through social media

The web based Management Console gives your organization full control over the water waste reports that come in from the smartphones. Robust workflows allow departments to be notified automatically based on an unlimited number of configurable rules and conditions. The Console also gives your organization complete visibility on what's being reported and, more importantly, where waste is being reported. You can even customize the smartphone applications from the Console. Here are just a few of the many features included:

  • Unlimited Admin/User accounts for your staff
  • Manage inbound water waste reports
  • Send out alerts to your customers via Push/SMS Notifications
  • Customize the look and feel of your smartphone application
  • Gain insights of water waste with analytics and metrics
  • Automate report workflows with conditions and events
  • Many, many more...

Leverage the power of GIS with out-of-box integration with Esri's ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Online. When EveryDrop is paired with the best location technology on the planet, incredible insights are gained, resulting in real and actual change. Our end-to-end integration supports:

  • Pushing reports directly to one/more ArcGIS Feature Service
  • Reprojecting spatial coordinates in real-time
  • Display your authoritative data directly to the Console & Smartphones
  • Overlay ArcGIS Map & Feature Services directly in the Console
  • Query ArcGIS Feature Services in real-time
  • Geocode & Reverse Geocode incoming reports

The EveryDrop platform allows your organization to fully leverage the power of GIS. With each paid Esri ArcGIS Server instance or ArcGIS Online account, you're given access to Esri's Ops Dashboard, a Windows desktop application geared specifically to monitor KPIs (Key Performance Index) and high level visibility into your water department's operations. With the Ops Dashboard you can:

  • Easily quantify how much water is being wasted
  • View charts and graphs for your organization's KPIs
  • Make better decisions with big data analysis
  • Easily view reports on a map

Download the EveryDrop application by visiting our website: http://everydrop.la

To check out the administrative Console, contact the developer, Jason Kiesel (dotnetallday@gmail.com) for a username and password. Thanks, and let us know what you think!

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HactionJackson over 1 year ago

Project sounds great, Jason. Just over 3 hours left to submit the video and the app!

Jason Kiesel