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FloodForecast allows users to register their address (currently in Boulder county, CO) and receive push alerts when that address is in eminent danger of flooding. A home owner may not receive warning of flooding when they are away from traditional media but our push system of notifications will keep them informed. FloodForecast uses traditional SMS messaging for communication which works better than high bandwidth web apps in emergency situations and for more at-risk populations who may not have traditional internet access.

FloodForecast analyzes NOAA flood advisories to identify more specific FEMA flood zones located inside that area. FloodForecast identifies specific properties affected by flooding based on federal 100-year flood standards. FloodForecast also consumes forecast.io to provide accurate weather reports around a user's location. FloodForecast sends alerts via Twilio to all registered users that are inside the FEMA flood zone with details about the flood and the location of the nearest Disaster Assistance Center.

Built in 24 hours by a 4 person team at the Hack4Colorado Hackathon in Denver, May 31-June 1st.

- Andrew Van Tassel
- Mike Lockwitz
- Will Vanderbilt
- Jane Wiedenbeck

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HactionJackson over 1 year ago

Hey Team FloodForecast - A few hours left to go. Be sure to submit a 10-minute video along with a way to get to the app to actually test it! Good Luck

megmurph over 1 year ago

This is awesome! Congrats on getting in the final submissions phase. Happy to help promote this app - email murphy [at] twilio

Will Vanderbilt