Global Forest Watch Commodities – Geospatial Tools to Help Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Land Use Change

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Global Forest Watch-Commodities is an online platform that empowers companies to analyze the impact of key commodities on forests, using the latest and most powerful data available. GFW-Commodities builds on the groundbreaking platform, Global Forest Watch, but with a specific focus on companies who buy and sell major commodities that impact forests, such as palm oil, beef, soy, and wood pulp. GFW-Commodities is free to use and follows an open data approach in putting decision-relevant information in the hands of companies who want to minimize deforestation-related risks in their supply chain.
GFW-Commodities provides businesses with powerful and timely information in order for them to minimize their impact on forests, as well as their carbon footprint. GFW-Commodities offers three distinct tools for businesses interested in good forest management. With the first tool, the Suitability Mapper, businesses can identify degraded areas best suited for commodity development as an alternative to clearing new forest areas. Second, with the Forest Analyzer, detailed information on land cover and land use enables businesses to monitor and evaluate change to forests on commodity concessions. The third tool supports certification schemes, such as the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), with information on certified areas. With the RSPO Support tool, producers can complete an analysis of forest change on certified areas, and use this analysis for for the compensation procedure required by the RSPO. This tool also enables commodity buyers to make informed sourcing decisions by identifying certified producers, and following through with commitments to sustainable sourcing strategies.
The application was built using Esri ArcGIS Server and JavaScript API. GFW-Commodities leverages the ArcGIS Server Image Extension to support the tree loss/gain visualization. Satellite data including Landsat and MODIS are mosaiced and allow for analysis on-the-fly as users explore their areas of interest. Blue Raster developed GFW-Commodities in partnership with World Resources Institute as the newest addition to the Global Forest Watch platform.

Key features of each tool:
“Suitability Mapper”
- Ability to set own suitability criteria based on a range of environmental factors
- Identifies degraded areas as alternative to development on forest areas
“Forest Analyzer”
- Detailed land cover data, include data layers on forests, tree cover, and peat lands all important to zero deforestation goals and climate change strategies
- Additional data layers on protected areas and population density
“RSPO Support tool”
- Never-before accessible maps of certified areas for palm oil production
- Analysis of forest change on certified areas
- Analysis necessary for RSPO compensation procedure

Features of all three tools:
- Option for users to upload their own shape file for analysis
- Download data and results for further analysis

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