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The Minnesota LiDAR Solar Study Team has developed an application that allows users to identify the suitability of a location for Solar Panel installations. A user can locate their home or current location and query solar analysis data to identify suitable sites. The solar radiation data was produced using recently collected, and publicly available, LiDAR data for the state of Minnesota.

With this data, and the services provided through this application: homeowners can identify the solar potential of their property, solar installers can more efficiently provide site assessments, energy companies can site large industrial arrays that integrate with their current network, planners can identify specific neighborhoods for targeted solar projects, and local officials can develop policies that utilize solar resource.

By providing this processed data as a service, Minnesotans now have a valuable resource available to aid in solar projects, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By providing our methodologies and scripts utilized in analysis we hope to facilitate other communities in conducting similar analysis.

The full site for this project is: http://solarp.uspatial.umn.edu/

Developers: Chris Martin (cmartin616), Michael Moore (stuporglue), Stephen Palka (spalka), Devon Piernot (devongeo), Ben Gosack (SolarDreamTeam), Andrew Walz (andywalz), Molly McDonald.

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HactionJackson over 1 year ago

Hey SolarDreamTeam!!! We've narrowed down the list to some top contenders before selecting the final prize winners, and your app made the list! Could someone from the team please email climateappchallange@esri.com so we can contact you about your app and your experience with the Challenge?
Esri Climate App Challenge Development Team

andywalz over 1 year ago

HactionJackson- Thank you for selecting our app amongst top contenders!! I sent you an email with my contact info...happy to discuss our experience and our app anytime. We are proud of what we've accomplished and fervently working to make it better. Just today we added a 800Gb of solar radiation data to the image service that drives our app! -Andy

HactionJackson over 1 year ago

Hey Andy!!! I spelled the alias wrong above...can you send the email to climateappchallenge@esri.com?