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Drought related news has recently dominated news headlines, not only America, but also worldwide. Weather patterns are changing. In some areas of the world, these changing weather patterns are causing exceptional drought.

The good new is, technology can enable us to make smart choices in the face of climate change. One such choice would be to save water when it is available. In other words, the next time it rains, capture the rain landing on our homes, and, re-use it for watering plants, trees and lawns; washing cars, or even flushing toilets.

Most people are not aware of their rainwater saving potential. That's where technology comes in. The Save the Rain app endeavors to raise rainwater savings awareness by combining easy to use mapping tools with the latest climate data.

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HactionJackson over 1 year ago

Hi Mark! Congrats on a great app...we'd like to talk to you more about it and your experience with the App Challenge. Could you email us at

Mark Laudon