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EpicNote Submitted

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Epicnote, gamificate your memory!

Epicnote is a gamefication of Evernote.

With Epicnote you turn remembering things of your life into a fun activity.

Earn points for each note you create, accumulate badges and enjoy Evernote a lot more!

By rewarding the user on the first user experienc... Read More

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Cramdroid Submitted

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Cramdroid is the most powerful, yet easy-to-use testing service specifically designed for Android developers and testers.

Are you still emailing app releases to testers?
Testers report bugs, but you can't view the devic... Read More

RecDesktop Submitted

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Do any data remain on the desktop?
Does it take time to upload their data?

This App enables you to upload data which remains on your desktop to Evernote easily.

You can upload kind of data below:

  • Skype Chat Messages
  • PDF
  • TXT
  • Microsoft Office File
  • iWork File

... Read More

HashTrak Submitted

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Alt text

HashTrak is an mobile app which let you easily aggregate hashtags with number after from Evernote and Twitter. It also includes simple analytics and chart for easier viewing.


-Sync from Eve... Read More

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Hipnotes Submitted

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Have your notes follow your style!
Enjoy a beautiful and engaging experience with the best skinnable note app around.


Hipnotes is available for FREE on the Firefox OS Marketplace right now!
It will soon be available at all other mobile OS.

Skin marketplace

You c... Read More

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TAGS Submitted

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TAGS in action

TAGS is an innovative new way to use Evernote. It uses tags from your notes and visualizes them as a network according to how they appear together in your notes. It's a very easy and fast way to find notes you are looking for.
TAGS includes a... Read More

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MENRVA Submitted

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See it all, do it all. Tag notes. Move notes. Create notes. Create relationships across your cloud accounts. MENRVA is the front end to your personal cloud.

*** Evernoe Devcup 2013: For TestFlight build, screenshots and more demos visit [http://jupiterlightapps.com/menrva/](MENRVA for iPad pr... Read More

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Reader Submitted

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Reader is a cross platform web app to allow students to collaboratively learn and read.


With physical books, students often add written annotation to highlight important details and to aid with review. These are rarely shared with class... Read More

Baby Moments Submitted

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Baby Moments is an iPhone app for parents and their babies. Sometimes there are some your children‘s moments which you want to save all of them forever as a diary. So this app is the best choice for you.

It helps parents save their babies’ moments such as lovely moments, memorab... Read More

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Kimoto, Minoru Submitted

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SheetCalc is a App for iPhone,
All New Spreadsheet Calculator Application.

SheetCalc Image

https://itunes.apple.com/app/tateyoko-ji... Read More

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oculr Submitted

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oculr is a one-of-a-kind education app for Android designed to help students learn about math and science equations from diverse resources in an intuitive way

Simply take a picture of an equation, and oculr will scan it, return the solutions, graph i... Read More

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HealthTrunk Submitted

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HealthTrunk simplifies your health information.

Patients create an account and use HealthTrunk as their own personal health repository of images, files, links, pictures, voice files and more. Patients can also share and subscribe to other HealthTrunk users. HealthTrunk allows patients to resear... Read More

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evereader Submitted

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Powerful RSS Reader using EVERNOTE... Read More

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MemoRecall Submitted

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MemoRecall is the new and easy way of getting reminded. You don't have to read your reminders anymore - now you can hear them!

Evernote will call you at the right time and read yor reminder to you!

Don't want to miss important... Read More

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Just Read Submitted

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A reader application for Evernote.... Read More

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SmartGTD Submitted

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Alt text
**** Evernote DevCup 2013 Category winner!!!
**** http://itunes.apple.com/app/smartgtd/id591404241?ls=1&mt=8

SmartTM is a smart way to manage your tasks and create better ideas, allowing you to be more effective and... Read More

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Vacay App Submitted

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Vacay allows users to easily plan out their adventures when on a trip. To create a Vacay the user simply enters their city of interest. It's a great discovery tool and even provides a collaborative environment where users can chat and switch up group itineraries. Finally, we also add a neat feat... Read More

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Mr. I Submitted

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Do you want a good idea?
Mr. I is a tool for creating ideas.
You just talk with Mr. I.

It's an easy way to make ideas.
Since this is chat style, you do not get bored.
Now, Let's talk and create many ideas.

How to use

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Jolidrive Submitted

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Jolidrive is the new product created by the Jolicloud team.
With Jolidrive, we’ve re-imagined online storage!

Enjoy all your online content, regardless of where it’s stored. In one beautiful interface.

Full integration of Evernote:
* Access all your notebooks and notes
* Browse, listen to a... Read More

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Cheeatz Submitted

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Evernote your code with Gist

Cheeatz is for developers!
We allow you to create Cheeatz, which is Evernote embeded with gists easily. You can note on your code with all those familiar syntax highlighting. Creating Code Snippet, Cheatsheete and even documentation on code has never been easier

... Read More