Evernote Devcup 2013

in San Francisco, CA

Outsource your vocabulary with biscuit!

Memorizing vocabulary words is a necessary evil for every foreign language learner, so don't do it alone, do it with Biscuit!

Biscuit is the ultimate vocabulary sidekick - Faster than a dictionary, easier to use than traditional flash cards or word lists, and always by your side.


With Biscuit you can:

  • Create beautiful digital vocabulary lists with minimal effort.
  • (1) Look up a word, (2) hear its pronunciation, and (3) have it turned it into a flash card, all with just a single tap.
  • Take a picture of words you see in real life, and they will magically be added to your Biscuit word lists. (Evernote image recognition API)
  • Access your word lists from any device, thanks to the Evernote Sync API.
  • Test yourself on words and their definitions using our Evernote Peek integration.
  • Prioritize and deprioritize words in your word list(s) with simple swipe and drag gestures.
  • Set push notifications to quiz yourself on words throughout the day.

[Unreleased IPA (iOS) download] (only for Devcup UDID registered devices)

Demo Video

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0215KPUNK 9 months

the interface is very chic ! can't wait to try this on my iphone :)


croquis 9 months

0215KPUNK / Thank you for the lovely feedback! Let me know your UDID. I'll try to add you for beta tester!


robertocr 8 months

Congratulations! I'm sure you're going to have a great time at Evernote! :)


Frez 8 months

Great idea! I would be grateful to become a beta tester of Buscuit.


myelaborate 7 months

This is awesome!! Can't wait to try Biscuit on my iPhone !. from Bundang

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