Evernote Devcup 2013

in San Francisco, CA

Context Booster

Your Knowledge Assistant for Evernote

With Context Booster you will see your notes in a larger context. Whatever you want to remember, it will be enriched by more information from across the web. And it is extremely easy to use:

  1. After you have signed on to Context Booster on our website, tag any of your notes with "contextboost".
  2. As soon as the note is saved again, it will be “boosted”: Context Booster will analyze the text and pictures in your note and extract the most important topics.
  3. For each of these topics we will research a number of publicly available databases and automatically add new notes with explanations, recommendations, pictures, videos - useful and entertaining tidbits to a special notebook.

Context Booster recognizes people’s names, companies, products, institutions, locations, cities and countries, books, movies, brands as well as important terms like “nuclear proliferation” or “same-sex marriage”.

Special Features:

Twitter Integration:

Just tell us your Twitter Account, when you sign on to Context Booster and tweets containing links to articles you fave will be saved as a note to a special notebook. Context Booster will automatically grab that article and “boost” it, analyzing its content and adding additional notes and links.

Image recognition for media covers:

Take a picture of a book or DVD cover and Context Booster will recognize it and boost it with additional information.

How to get access:

Please just singup on and you will get an invite soon. If you are a Devcup jury-member and need to get instant access please send us an email to:

See Your Notes In A Larger Context

Demo Video

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cbra 10 months

Great! Can't wait to seeit running with German texts, too.


pixelsebi 10 months

it already analysis German texts and recognizes entities and topics in it, but we still need to implement, that the content created is also available in German! thanks for the feedback!


holgerd 10 months



saschaw 10 months

Love the Twitter Integration!


mmessina 10 months

this looks really promising. Looking forward to use it


produktmanager 10 months

Totally LOVE IT!


suebergruen 9 months

<3 good luck!


gingerclubmate 9 months

Tried it yesterday the first time. Still needs some work, but love the idea. Looking forward how it will improve the next weeks!


MKAdams 9 months

really amazed!will def try this app


mokka 9 months

hell yeah!


lisaschwenken 9 months

I like it. Curious how it will improve over time. Keep on rocking it.


rabbold 9 months



robertocr 8 months

Congratulations! I'm sure you're going to have a great time at Evernote! :)

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