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Want to create memories of your running workouts?

Use Fit For Fuel to automatically post activity from your Nike+ FuelBand to your Evernote. Just register with our web app and whenever you upload activities from your FuelBand to your Nike+ account, they will show up in Evernote as well, one note for each day's activities.

Your FuelBand activity notes will all be grouped under tag #fitforfuel, letting you easily compare your fitness achievements from day to day in Evernote. Each note records calories burned, distance covered, number of steps, time, and Nike Fuel earned. And if you ever want to stop activities from being posted to your Evernote, you may deregister at any time, and register again later.

Plus, if you're an Evernote Food user, you will get the special feature of seeing your meals for the day in each day's activity note. Get the 360 view on your fuel in and fuel out.

Fit For Fuel is free to use and is the world's first integration between the Nike+ FuelBand and Evernote. Enjoy the simplicity.

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do this

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see your meals from *Evernote Food** listed with your daily activities:*
meals with activities

jump to your meals from your activity note:
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wcheung over 2 years ago

Powered by Grails and Groovy, using the Evernote API and the Nike+ API.

Qter 8 months ago

WOW looks cool!

William Cheung