Evernote Devcup 2013

in San Francisco, CA

Devcup 2013 Winner of Best Food App: Scheduled release date: Fall 2013 - Sign up for an email alert or follow Grocerytrip on Twitter to find out when it's available for download: @grocerytrip

Grocery Lists Made Easy

Grocerytrip is an iPhone app that automatically creates an optimized grocery list from recipes and lists that are saved in Evernote.

To use, identify recipes and lists in Evernote that contain items you want added to your grocery list, and tag them with "grocerytrip". Then sync Evernote, launch Grocerytrip, and start shopping!

  • Items are organized by grocery aisle for an easy shopping experience
  • Easily reorder and add new grocery aisles
  • Reassign items to any grocery aisle
  • Email or print the grocery list directly from Grocerytrip

Created by a stay at home dad who shops and cooks for his family everyday, Grocerytrip is designed to make grocery lists quick and easy.

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isamj 9 months

love it...can't wait to use


Marsap1 9 months

This looks good when can I get started?


Ajsapa1 9 months

Nice work!


southfew 9 months

I would like to use this tonight. I dig this a lot!

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