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**** Evernote DevCup 2013 Category winner!!!

SmartTM is a smart way to manage your tasks and create better ideas, allowing you to be more effective and relaxed.

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The SmarTM task manager
The best GTD application that you've ever found! SmartTM is based on David Allen’s Getting Things Done philosophy, to make your life easier.

Think and gather info in Evernote. Empty Your Head.

Process all info automatically in a smart way according to the GTD® methodology.
Implement “Inbox Zero” rule in easy way.
Manage your task using smart tools.

Stay up to date. Review your calendars, project and action lists. Never forget anything with reminders and make sure you are using your time fficiently with the smart weekly review.

Implement your plan. Let your creativity once again spread its wings.

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Design – Smart GUI idea

A smart GUI is key to presenting everything clearly but comprehensively. The intuitive graphics and the presence of appropriate solutions in specific areas makes an application tailored for smart people. SmartTM’s GUI is designed for daily and easy work with the application. Do not waste your time figuring out how you can do something, just do it!

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Evernote – The Smart way to manage personal content

SmartTM allows you to manage all of the data in Evernote (including tags, folders, etc.) and use them to create tasks according to the Getting Things Done® methodology in an intuitive, fast, and smart way. SmartTM synchronizes with your Evernote account effortlessly.

• Use notebooks, tags etc. to create projects and context, attitude and priority.
• Add new notes, tags, notebooks, reminders and sync-to-date.
Use Evernote as you like and in tandem with SmartTM to design your lifestyle in an easy way.

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Originality – Smart elements distinctive from the competition.

If you read the previous information, you know what makes SmartTM the best task manager you will ever use.
• Features like - Smart processing, Calendar view and the option to add Attitudes to each task set the application away from others on the market. The addition of reminders and smart weekly reviews is an added bonus.
• Smart GUI
• Smart idea of own lifestyle which you can learn in details using SmartTM.

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robertocr over 2 years ago

Congratulations! I'm sure you're going to have a great time at Evernote! :)

heitortsergent over 2 years ago

Congrats on the win! Waiting for the Web version.:D

Yuvakumar M