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A Recap of Our Worldwide Meetups!

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It's crazy what can happen in just a few months. Throughout the first half of 2013 Evernote has hosted a slew of meet-ups, workshops, and hackathons throughout the world. The team here in Redwood City has personally traveled to Berlin, Bogota, and Monterrey, Mexico!

Along the way, we have come to know bright and ambitious developers from throughout the world. We hope all of you who have attended these events will consider submitting your projects to Devcup 2013. You could soon earn a chance to join us here in Silicon Valley!

We always revel in remembering the great events that we've hosted throughout the world. Be sure to check out our Facebook page for a full list of photos from these past few months. In addition, check out some of the videos we've taken of you all hard at work and having fun!

With Devcup only a few weeks to its close, we hope to see some familiar faces in the submission list. Here's to crossing paths again soon!

Evernote Devcup & Accelerator Meetups worldwide!

Getting started and forming ideas takes time. If you are interested in talking to Evernote developers in person, come and lets talk at one of our meetups around the world.

Meetups by city: