Pay Yourself First

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When a client gets their paycheck, that’s the best time to remind them to set aside some money for their financial goal.

Pay yourself first lets a counselor quickly set up a financial goal with their client and set when the client expects their paycheck and how frequently.

On payday, the client gets a an interactive text message reminding them to set aside money (10% of the paycheck) for the goal they set up.

The client can then reply to the text with how much they were able to contribute that period. They'll get another response with a snapshot of how they've been doing.

Counselors can be part of this as well. They can review an admin page that shows all the clients they've set up, their goals and how consistent they've been at making contributions. In one click, a counselor can send a text reminder to all the clients who, say, are making contributions on fewer than 50% of their paychecks, to proactively ask if they'd like to schedule an appointment.

This is a PHP application built using jquerymobile and Twillio for texting. Most clients have access to cell phones with basic text messaging – so we’re using that as the primary means of communication. But they’re also very busy, so on the go, they can get a quick reminder away from the computer.


Jeffrey Novich