Financial Empowerment Hackathon

in Dumbo, Brooklyn, New York

Financial Empowerment Centers face the following problems:
-Clients failing to return after their first visit.
-Clients forgetting to attend their appointment
-Clients forgetting to reschedule a missed appointment.
-Clients not having proper directions

-Clients that do not bring financial documents.
-Clients that do not know how the financial empowerment centers can help them and what they should expect on their first visit.

Our project addresses the wish list request regarding appointments and counselor communications.

The goal of our project is to help clients build the habit of visiting their Financial Empowerment Center so it can make a real impact on their lives.

Our project is a comprehensive appointment reminder system that bridges appointment communication between clients and counselors. It is available in English and Spanish.

OFE counselors use google calendar as their primary method of scheduling appointments. RemindMe automatically pulls appointments from google calendar and sends automated voice calls to clients reminding them of their appointment.

Counselors first sync their google calendars and phone numbers on our online portal. They also have the option of recording a greeting to be played in the reminder.

Next, our project will call clients a week before, two days before, and the day of their appointment.
When the client receives the call, they hear the pre-recorded greeting from their financial counselor and their appointment time and location. They then have three options to choose from.

PRESS 1: I can make the appointment
PRESS 2: I have questions
PRESS 3: I need to reschedule

If a client chooses option one, their counselor will receive a text message indicating that their client can make the appointment. If the client has further questions or needs directions, the counselor will also be notified.

If the client chooses option two, he/she will hear information about directions, what documents to bring to their appointment, and what financial empowerment centers can offer them.

If the client chooses option three, he/she will be redirected to the 311 call center to reschedule their appointment. Their counselor will be notified of the change via a text message.

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