The winners have been announced!

We've announced the Global Prize winners on the Foursquare blog. Congratulations to the teams and thanks to everyone for participating!

NYC/SF site prize winners

We're still sifting through all the entries and crunching participation numbers. Fun fact: half of entries came from official cities and half came from unofficial hacking cities.

Prizes for hacks from all locations will be announced later this week, but in the meantime, here's a rundown of the local prize winners from our official sites:

CouchCachet - Jury, Mashery, & SendGrid Prizes
FlashSquare - Aviary & Game Prizes (Game Prize sponsored by Orbotix)
GeoCash -- Explore Prize (sponsored by REI)
GymShamer -- Quantified Self Prize (sponsored by Brooks)
FourDrinks - Jury Prize
FourPlay -- Jury Prize
Jamsesh -- Jury Prize
4SQ ID -- Jury Prize
Venmo -- Venmo Prize
FourCab -- Twilio Prize

HipSpot -- Game & Jury Prizes (Game Prize sponsored by Orbotix)
DropTask -- SendGrid & Jury Prizes
DinerBeware -- Jury Prize
ThreeSquare -- Jury Prize
Join Me! - Twilio Prize
Setonia - Mashery Prize (tie)
DislodgeMe - Mashery Prize (tie)
Win A Hackathon - Mashery Prize (tie)
SATA (Stuck at the Airport) - Esri Prize

Congratulations again!

Hacking is definitely over!

It's no longer the weekend anywhere around the world, which means the hacking part of the hackathon is over! Thanks to everyone who participated and congratulations to those who finished building something awesome over the course of just a single weekend.

You guys hacked together a whopping 82 projects. It'll take us a little while to go through all of them, but we'll be announcing the winners of our global prizes later this week, so stay tuned!

Record a video of your hack

You have another day to work on your hack! Fix your bugs, polish things up, but perhaps most importantly: Record a video of your hack working in action.

There are always bugs and sometimes it's hard for the judges to use a hack -- a video allows everyone to understand how the hack works and to see it in action. The video can be simple, it can be a screencast... just record a video and include it on your project details!



Tagging & submitting your hack

When [creating your project]((, tag your hack with the city you're hacking from and APIs you used.

Project tags

Don't forget to submit your hack by the end of Sunday (local time)!

For those of you in SF or NYC, submit you project before presentations this evening (8pm in SF, 9pm in NYC). Don't worry -- you can still edit project details through Sunday night.

Project submit

It's This Weekend!

Hello, Hackers!

We're thrilled that the Hackathon is finally upon us! We can't wait to see what you build this Saturday. If you haven't yet taken the time to register on our Meetup page (, please do so!

Those of you hacking globally can use Meetup to find others in your area and maybe even arrange a shared space! And for those of you joining us in person at our NYC or SF offices, registering will give us an accurate attendee count.

So take a few seconds to register. Hopefully you're as excited as we are!

Reintroducing the 2013 Foursquare Hackathon

After a little setback, the Foursquare hackathon is back!

We're rolling with Sandy's punches and re-naming this thing the 2013 Foursquare Hackathon. Mark your calendar for January 5th, 2013. New logo, new t-shirts, same great hackathon.

You might remember that the old theme to the hackathon was "connect all the apps" -- we've decided to rebrand and just make this a general hackathon. Any project built using the Foursquare API will be eligible for the prizes, whether or not it's a Connected App. Data visualizations, auto-check-in office chairs, augmented reality eyemasks -- whatever your cup of tea, come build it using the Foursquare API. If you don't have an idea, check out some of our suggestions to get your juices flowing.

As before, anyone around the world can participate in the hackathon and win one of our Global Grand Prizes. And for those of you in NYC or SF, come hack from the Foursquare office for camaraderie and a chance to win bonus site prizes. See you all there!

New logo

Announcing the non-hackathon winners

Due to Hurricane Sandy's impact on NYC we were forced to delay our global hackathon to January 5th. Since we know people outside of NYC were still itching to build things, we offered our normal Jury Prize (swag packs + a remote controlled, inflated shark) to the best three connected apps built last weekend. Without further delay, here are the winners!

Squaredgram by Jamie Hopper in Dallas: When you check-in, Squaredgram sends you an Instagram photo that was taken nearby.

Squaredgram screenshot

Flightspottr by James Shrager in London: When you check-in, Flightspottr alerts you of planes that are flying overhead (data courtesy of flightstats)

Flightspottr screenshot

The Journey is the Destination by Engin Kurutepe and Moritz Schäfer: Moped Labs in Berlin hosted 8 hackers from all around Europe at their office for the hackathon. While everything they built uses the foursquare API, none of them actually use the /checkins/reply endpoint. But we love their passion and we’ll be sending a Jury prize to team Journey for building something close.

Much love to everyone who built (or tried to build) something over the weekend, hope to see more great apps built on January 5th!

Hackathon rescheduled to January 5th, 2013

Hey Hackers,

We've rescheduled the foursquare global hackathon for January 5th, 2013. Our NYC office is without power, and the city has limited mobility, which makes it impossible for us to finish planning and run the kind of global event worthy of the awesome developer community you've all built.

If you still want to meet-up and hack this weekend, please don't let us stop you! We won't be able to offer the online technical support we'd hoped to and hacks won't count for our eventual hackathon, but if you submit them to we'll send a remote controlled, inflatable shark and swag packs to the teams who build the best 3 connected apps this weekend.

Shark attack!

Hackathon Postponed Due to Hurricane Sandy

Hi everyone -

First off, if you were in an area affected by the storm, we hope and your loved ones are safe.

With the cleanup from Sandy underway and many areas (including our NYC office) still without power, we have decided to postpone the 2012 Hackathon. This includes the official sites in NYC and SF as well as global participants.

Additional details on rescheduling will be provided shortly.

Have you registered yet?

Hi again, everyone! Awesome to see people getting excited for November 3rd!

Just a reminder that to officially register for the hackathon, you need to head over to to sign up.

People who have signed up there will be getting additional info from us in the coming days.

-- the Foursquare hackathon team

Only 24 Days To Go!

Hello hackers!

We hope everyone's October is starting off well. Pumpkin patches, apple cider and, of course, thinking about what you'll be building on November 3rd!

Lots more information will be announced over the coming days, including PRIZES! Stay tuned to hear about the awesome prizes we'll be giving the winners of this years hackathon.

In the meantime, feel free to reach out to us with any questions you might have about this year's event.

-- the Foursquare hackathon team