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Lines suck. Credit cards suck. And awkwardly waiting for your food sucks.

Check in Take out is a Foursquare connected app that lets you check in as usual, order directly off the menu, pay with venmo and get an alert when your order is ready.

You know what doesn't suck? A kickass cashless in-person ordering process.

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Steps for demo:

  1. Go to Check in Take Out and auth your foursquare account
  2. Use your phone and check in to a restaurant (it must have a menu with items that have prices). You can search for "Loving Hut" in NYC.
  3. You'll see the connected app appear, click it and you'll get a web app with all the menu items of that restaurant.
  4. Select whatever you want and checkout. confirm.
  5. At this point you'll be prompted to log in to venmo. Probably not a great idea unless you want to send your money to us. (Merchants aren't set up yet) You can skip this step.
  6. The merchant (Loving Hut, in this case) would get an SMS alert that there's a new order and link to an "order management" page. This allows the merchant to click when an order is ready.
  7. When the order is marked as ready for pick up, the customer gets an SMS (Twilio) or an email (Sendgrid).


Zachary Friedman
Jeffrey Novich
Andrew Pinzler
Christopher Kennedy