Foursquare Hackathon 2013

in NYC, SF & Worldwide!

Using Foursquare's Venues API and Google's Maps API, I'm working on building a live heat map based on 4sq check-ins at venues in your area.

Want to know which bar is bumpin'? Check the map.
Looking for a place to eat and want to avoid the crowd? Check the map.
Want to see which city has the most sports fans? Check the map.

The app is built in Javascript and operates entirely on the client-side, so there's no server load to worry about. It's as fast as your device and the APIs used.

-Get an on-demand Google Maps overlay of the current Foursquare check-in activity in any area
-All venues are listed below, and you can click on any of the circles to get information about that venue
-Ability to search different locations (as well as using your current location via geolocation)
-Filter by venue category
-Filter by distance radius
-Fully client-side, so no waiting for server responses

Upcoming Features:
-Color-coding for different tiers of activity
-Improved UI/styling
-Improved heatmap graphics
-User authentication to add their friends activity as an extra overlay
-Responsive web design for tablets/phones

For more information/with questions, email me:

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