Foursquare Hackathon 2013

in NYC, SF & Worldwide!

DEMO: (both Twitter and Facebook are connected, but we currently have a bug that only allows you to pick either or)

Losing weight is the #1 New Year's resolution people make -- but 92% of people give up or fail each year. However, studies have shown that social accountability is the key to staying motivated in reaching fitness goals. Social accountability comes in two forms: positive reinforcement -- and shame.

GymShamer tracks your Foursquare check-ins at the gym, and shames you to your entire social network via Twitter, Facebook, email, etc. if you don't go as often as you say you will. The worst offenders in your social network are highlighted on the Wall of Shame in order to further degrade them (and therefore, motivate them to work out -- even if only to salvage their broken dignity).

Also, Volkan Unsal is the second team member on this project -- having issues adding him through the HL site.

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