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So I decided it would be best to try and take down google for the hackathon.

Kidding, but I did make a product search.

Just start typing in the search box and you will get results sent back to you in <200ms (amazon is throttleing me, so more letters = more likely throttled, but I am caching results with both my server and cloudflare, so this should fix with time)

I am using foursquare to determine the areas you consider to be your home and your work, I am doing this by doing category analysis and putting all of those relevant zipcodes to home or work into arrays and finding the most common.

I am using mashery to find best buys with the top result (the one with more details below the top row) in stock, and give you the location/phone number.

ONE MORE THING, turns out that if you share a search engine with people and they use it, if you have attached affiliate codes(part of amazon's api), you make money:
That equates to ~$50 cpm

Have a look at my video for more info:

If anyone reading this wants to toy around, our typeahead/amazon search api endpoint is{lettershere}

Update: Revenue grew 400% on the 6th

Demo Video


jay Zalowitz