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YESquare! encourages people to do new things and try new experiences. YESquare! replies to every check-in with a random Tip from the Venue. When you say "YES" to a random tip you say "YES" to a new opportunity. Try new food, take a good picture at sunset, skip the line, YESquare your life!
Try new things, explore new experiences
Save time! Get a Tip Pronto!
Reward good tippers by liking their Tips
Flag/Report useless and "No more relevant" Tips
Create a YESquare! List of random, new, unexpected things you have done.

It is important to Like good quality Tips to contribute to a powerful platform, as much as report poor quality Tips as "No longer relevant", "Spam" or "Offensive" to keep Foursquare "clean". The best Tips are actionable: "go here. do this.", good Tips recommend speciļ¬c dishes, drinks or 'insider' info.


Sergio Livi