Our global grand prizes can be won by anyone around the world who participates in the hackathon. (Full prize/rules legalese here)

Foursquare Grand Prize

The person (or team) that builds the best hack will win the famed Foursquare TITLE BELT and a video date with dreamy Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley.

Dreamy dreamy Dennis

NASDAQ Grand Prize

Last year's NASDAQ winners

Twilio Grand Prize

Did you even know this was possible?!?

Mashery Grand Prize

Circus Mashimus App presentations at Circus Mashimus. Photo courtesy of inusebilder

Jury Prizes

An inflatable remote-controlled shark, swag packs (up to 4), and a foursquare ball for our favorite hacks.

It's a shark!

Site Prizes

In NYC and SF we'll have presentations from some of our favorite non-foursquare APIs and brands, many of which will be offering additional prizes.