Some tips on how to be extra awesome at the Foursquare hackathon

  1. Form a team -- you're more likely to get your hack finished. Most of our prizes assume a team of three or four people anyways.
  2. Hackers: team up with a designer -- your hack will be easier to understand and look better. Both are critical qualities for winning a hackathon!
  3. You can build more than one thing -- designers, this means you can be a part of multiple teams.
  4. Build the bare minimum -- spending 30 minutes reducing your awesome idea to it's simplest form will save you many hours. Time is one of your most precious resources!
  5. Do a throwaway hack beforehand -- you can't work on your project before Saturday, but you can build something simple on the API beforehand which will reduce your learning curve / set-up time on the big day.
  6. Introduce yourself -- doesn't matter if you win a prize or not, the best things you'll get out of the Foursquare hackathon are the people you'll meet while participating. Don't be shy!

If you're in SF/NYC

  1. Keep your demo in mind -- you'll only have a minute or two to present, and that's what everyone's going to see. Remember that you can spend Sunday fixing whatever you need before submitting it for global judging/glory.
  2. Talk to a Foursquare employee -- there will be a bunch floating around. Bounce your idea off of one or two! We can help you refine your ideas and maybe identify potential API roadblocks you'll face.