Following the tremendously successful second annual GDELT Hackathon held at Penn State University this past September, we are excited to announce the GDELT DC Hackathon, hosted by Gallup, to be held in the ornate conference room of the Gallup Building (901 F St NW) in Washington, DC on Wednesday, December 18, 2013. This all-day event will feature an morning session with a set of talks introducing GDELT, followed by an afternoon hackathon where the technical and non-technical alike can come together and explore how GDELT can be used to measure, model, visualize, and forecast global human society in powerful new ways.

The Global Database Global Database of Events, Language, and Tone (GDELT) is an initiative to construct a catalog of human societal-scale behavior and beliefs across all countries of the world over the last quarter-century down to the city level globally, to make all of this data freely available for open research, and to provide daily updates to create the first "realtime social sciences earth observatory."

Nearly a quarter-billion georeferenced events capture global behavior in more than 300 categories covering 1979 to present with daily updates. The GDELT Global Knowledge Graph (GKG) expands GDELT's ability to quantify global human society beyond cataloging physical occurrences towards actually representing all of the latent dimensions, geography, and network structure of the global news. It attempts to connect every person, organization, location, count, theme, news source, and event appearing in the global news into a single massive network that captures what's happening around the world, what its context is and who's involved, and how the world is feeling about it, every single day.

This event is being held in the conference room of the Gallup Building at 901 F St NW (See on Google Maps at: http://goo.gl/maps/88Crp ). The entrance is on 9th street halfway between F and G streets right across the street from the National Portrait Gallery. It is halfway between the Metro Center and Gallery Place Metro stations and easily accessible from a number of other Metro stations.