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Key Features:

Happy Gov provides a new lens on preexisting 3-1-1 data by integrating with ArcGis to enable a bigger picture of all service requests submitted to the system. We also provide a heat map view and pindrop view.

We've built a simple and easy-to-digest dashboard to monitor high level volume data of service requests.

We feel it’s critical to provide a deeper level of transparency within the 3-1-1 system, therefore we have developed a system to rank requests that are high priority based on voting. Voting is capped at 1 vote per day by IP address.

An improved admin reporting view has been created for data that drills into the neighborhood and zip code level for improved context into local issues and requests.

The user profile interface allows citizens to track their service requests based on open and closed status.

Github Repo: https://github.com/Placeholders-H4CO/2014.happygov


Chris Holder