We have identified three hackathon challenges for Hack4Reno to tackle together as a group.

The ideas listed below are just to get you started. If you love one of them, start a project here in Hacker League to start building a team. If you have your own idea, post it as a project and let's get hacking!

Challenge 1: Live, Work and Play by Biggest Little City

Biggest Little Social Network

Create a mobile application that allows residents of the Biggest Little City to share their favorite experiences from living, working and playing in Northern Nevada.

An idea to get started: a photo or video sharing social network, specifically built for Reno!

Foodies Unite

The culinary scene in Reno is growing! Build an app that allows locals to find the best eats in the area.

How can you help locals find and share their favorite restaurants and food trucks?

Challenge 2: Health & Wellness by Renown Health

Local Health & Wellness

Create an application that benefits the health and/or wellness of Reno locals.

What can you build that would improve the lives of your neighbors?

We are always interested in ways to promote preventative health and wellness which keeps folks healthy and out of the hospital. There are a million health apps out there so that this is an opportunity to bring fresh or localized ideas related to health and wellness. The kinds of healthy activities we encourage teams to take:

Challenge 3: Civic Minded Hackers by City of Reno

Open Data Reno

Create an application that allows for the management of open data sets that could be used to create future applications and services.

If you have some free time on your hands, create an API to allow developers to build apps on top of this data.

Code for America Commons

Deploy an existing app from Code for America Commons and tailor it to serve Reno. This includes deployment and setup and possibly design and custom development to make these open source apps serve the needs of the Reno people.

Hardware in Downtown

Design something that could be installed in Downtown Reno that provides utility. This should be a combination of hardware and software. A kiosk? High tech parking meter? Traffic sensors? NFC check ins at your favorite downtown venues?

If you have the parts lying around, go the extra mile and let's see a prototype! Do you know how to build something with an arduino or interested in trying out a Pinoccio? We will also have a couple leap motion controllers available for development.

Code for Reno: Your Idea

Do you already have an idea for something you're itching to build? Create a project on Hacker League and let us know what kind of team members you're looking for!