Hack'n Jill brings together equal numbers of men and women for a day of hacking.

Our theme is #HackYourSummer. Think about what makes summer great — from going out and being active to chilling at home with friends — and be inspired to make it even better. Here are a couple examples:

  • A mobile app to find all the best rooftop bars or cafes with outdoor seating and wi-fi
  • Photo sharing that “summer-fies” any picture — add a beach ball, sunglasses, or a pina colada
  • A tool for organizing events with your friends like going to a show, or taking a trip to the beach, or staying in for a Game of Thrones viewing marathon
  • A way to discover outdoor events like fitness classes, movies, or shows
  • A drink and food matching database for epic summer barbeques
  • A program to mash up your favorite playlists with similar songs
  • An app to stream audio to phones to watch movies on a rooftop

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