Hollywood Hack Day 2013

in Los Angeles, California

RhymeLine is lyric composing tool. Songwriters can access a variety of features to assist in the creative process. The core concept is that we've assembled all the tools writers need in one intuitive interface. The layout of the UI is a nod to all the devices and objects that until now had to be managed separately by the songwriter.

As the user types we're delivering live rhyme suggestions by leveraging an API from We also integrated a thesaurus powered by and a playlist of hip hop beats courtesy of the Rdio API.

Additional features are planned for the future, which will pave the way for a premium membership model: Managing drafts, Collaboration, Identifying rhymes used in published works for additional inspiration, Rhyme list sorting options: relevance, rhyme score, frequency. We will also link users to Rdio for membership affiliate commissions.

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