Honda & Evernote Hackathon

in Redwood City, California

Fitness PRO


Winner of Renaissance Prize of the Honda & Evernote Hackathon!

Many people spend significant time, money and effort in fitness, but very few do proper planning and track progress.

Fitness PRO is composed of 2 complementary applications:

  • An iPad based Kiosk application for fitness owners that allows members to select their workout using Leap Motion user interface and uploads the workout selection to Evernote.

  • An iPhone client solution that downloads the workout selection from Evernote and connects to a Pebble Watch for getting the workout information without having to interact with the iPhone. The app can connect to a NodeSensor device that when placed on top of the fitness machine's weights, it automatically tracks the number of reps by reading the NodeSensors's accelerometer and displaying it the iPhone app and Pebble Watch.

With Fitness PRO people can seamlessly track fitness workouts in Evernote and are now able to apply metrics for measuring progress with automated tools and analytics technologies.

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