A special edition Music Hack Day in conjunction with the MIDEM music festival and conference in Cannes. Now in its 3rd year, MHD and Midem team up again to bring 30 hackers to build exciting and innovative things to present to the audience as part of the main conference track.

The Hackers:

Amélie Anglade, MIR/Sound Software Engineer, SoundCloud (Germany)
Yohan Baillet, UX/UI Designer, Webdoc (Switzerland)
Vivien Barousse, Software developer, Songkick (UK)
Ben Baudart, Art Director, Stereo Agency (Belgium)
Robb Böhnke, iOS & Android Developer, SoundCloud (Germany)
Alexandru Branea, Project Manager, REEA (Romania)
Luis Miguel Cabanzo, Designer, SoundCloud (Germany)
Oscar Celma, Senior Research Engineer, Gracenote (USA)
Ching-Wei Chen, Research Manager, Music Technologies, Gracenote (USA)
Martyn Davies, Developer, Hacks & Bants (UK)
Filip Denker, Product Manager, 7digital (UK)
Pierre-Loic Doulcet, Software Engineer, Webdoc (Switzerland)
Ben Fields, Independent Consultant (UK)
Nicolas Froment, Co-Founder & CTO, MuseScore (Belgium)
Ragnar Hrafnkelsson, Director, Reactify (UK)
Adam Howard, Electron Shepherd, We Make Awesome Sh (UK)
Paul Lamere, Director of Developer Platform, The Echo Nest (USA)
Yuli Levtov, Director, Reactive Music Producer, Reactify Music (UK)
Alexandre Passant, Co-Founder & CEO, Seevl & MDG Web (Ireland)
Alastair Porter, Research developer, MTG-UPF (Spain)
Aaron Randall, Developer, Songkick (UK)
Matthias Rath, independent iOS developer, mattoncino-software (Germany)
Misha Reyzlin, SoundCloud
Adam Rogers, Developer, Mint Digital (UK)
Jonathan Romley, Founder, Curio (USA)
Joe White, Reactive Music Developer, Reactify Music (UK)