MIDEM Hack Day

in Cannes, Cote d'Azur

Music Collective client


A collaborative music game focussing on the phenomenon of how many people, when working together, form a collective 'hive mind'.


Players log on to the game site where each player controls a small paddle at the bottom of the screen while a stream of generative music is streamed from the game server. At the bottom of the screen is also a global paddle, the position of which is determined by the average of all player paddle positions. Balls with different musical functions fall from the top of the screen, and if the global paddle is successfully positioned below the ball when it reaches the bottom, the music will be influenced by that particular function (e.g. bringing an instrument or effect in).

How it works

A generative Pure data music patch runs on a dedicated server system called GRASS (Generative Reactive Audio Streaming Server). GRASS communicates directly with a Node.js server, which controls the game state and logic. In turn, the Node.js server communicates with the players via WebSockets.

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