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Hipster-robot Submitted

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A hipster robotic arm that stops you listening to any music it deems "too mainstream".

The hipster-robot is controlled by a Raspberry Pi, and monitors the music playing from Spotify on your laptop. Play any artist currently in the top 100 artist "hot list" (the "top_hottt" API from The Echo Nest)... Read More

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BeatSlap Submitted

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BeatSlap is the 'Hot or Not' for music. Using celebrity playlists crawled from the web, players can choose whose music best fits each situation. Get instant feedback on what the world has chosen and see how long you last before getting #BEATSLAPPED.... Read More

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Didgidoo Submitted

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An electronically augmented didgeridoo.

We've all had fun putting our cellphone speakers into our mouths and using cavity resonance as a filter. This expands upon that by vibrating a column of air inside a miniature ... Read More

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BeerHear Submitted

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BeerHear challenges the terrible beer available to drink in most medium to large sized music venues. I'm fed up of paying over the odds for a pint of Carlsberg or a can of Red Stripe whilst I listen to my favourite bands and so should you be.

With BeerHear, you enter your Songkick username which ... Read More

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MHD Bingo Submitted

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Bingo cards celebrating all our favourite Music Hack Day tropes. Play along during the demo session to win fabulous* prizes.


If you would like contribute either a bingo square or help generate the cards (Python generating LaTeX), just give @theleadingzero (Twitter) becky_ (... Read More

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Notepad Submitted

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Draw a piano on a paper pad, and start playing it!

Notepad uses your webcam to detect the piano you just drew and your fingers, and starts playing notes when you press keys on your paper piano.... Read More

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These are your Burns Submitted

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Does your favourite song not have a video?
Perhaps it has a video but it's not sufficiently flippant?

Don't dispair!

The Internet is here to help


These are your Burns takes your favourite bit of audio at the moment (Your 'jam' if you will) and crea... Read More

Drunk Drummer In Progress

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Drummers drink...
They forget to play...
They play shitty fills...

This is a situation to be prepared for, Drunk Drummer is now your friend.

Drunk Drummer

Design by Jacob Andersson... Read More

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Attention Deficit Radio Submitted

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Attention Deficity Radio

Attention Deficit Radio creates a Pandora-like radio experience for music listeners with short attention spans. ADR creates a playlist of just the best parts of the songs. After it plays 30 seconds of a song, AD... Read More

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MidiModulator Submitted

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This Python script will take a song and modulate the pitch with the melody of a chosen score (basically, another song). Think of it as FM, except instead of a frequency we take an entire Christmas carol :p

Code is available on GitHub: [https://github.com/jganseman/MidiModulator]

Used software ... Read More

Amalgorave Submitted

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Amalgorave is a crowd sourced algorave engine, procedurally generating music for near unlimited users in real time.

Totally unique in each instance, but easy to create, users start by building a simple bass line and then various percussive sounds by choosing between low, medium or high tones to s... Read More

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Leap Motion Dj Console Submitted

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Mix like a Jedi!

This is a Web Audio API DJ Console controlled by Leap Motion... Read More

JackDAW Submitted

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A basic digital audio workstation, built inside an Excel workbook

... Read More

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Transcribertron Submitted

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From (some of) the people who brought you Barbertron at MHD-2012 comes Transcribertron, the latest in mostly-correct web-based music transcribing.
... Read More

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EUphorics Submitted

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How well do you know your music? Can you guess what country a piece of music is from just by ear? Do you want to discover new, cool music from Europe?

I wanted to learn more about countries in Eastern Europe through their music. So I built EUphorics.

EUphorics plays you a random piece of music... Read More

Block surfer In Progress

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Rhythms created from waves using a bit of 2D physics.... Read More

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Disconest Submitted

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Use the Echonest API to fetch information about tracks on Discogs releases. For dj's / record collectors who want musical/audio analysis metadata about their records and/or cds

Fetch the information for a given record or your entire c... Read More

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BTLJMZ Submitted

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A browser-based music sequencer taking input from Soundcloud or microphone (in theory).

Mix and match and repost your result (in theory).

Pick a track from a user generated feed (though there are no users yet), mash with other tracks, and put your own mark on it by adding effects and goats.... Read More

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The Massively Multiplayer Piano Submitted

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A game that challenges you to play chords, but you can only play one note at a time. You must work as a team with strangers on the internet to play the chords demanded of you.

Source code on Github.

By Alex Pounds ([@acr... Read More

Trojan Radio In Progress

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Your Mum's old radio is not as innocent as it seems...

Work in progress

Ready to be deployed
... Read More