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UPDATE: We'll be demonstrating the Techno Tunnel at The London Raspberry Jam on the 29th November at Mozilla - Register now to experience this time limited extravagabbaganza!

" of the most entertaining MHD demos ever..."

Mathew Ogle



About the project

Inspired by the cult 80s children's TV production "Knightmare", this social media Augmented Reality Adventure will knock your socks off.

Just hit the "Play me something nice" button and we'll play one of your favourite tracks with a beat-matched gift of Gabba Techno.

On the first beat of the song, you ears will be rewarded with a double speed bass, bass, snare percussion section until the end of the song.

For our presentation, we also revealed The Techno Tunnel; a dark and mysterious journey from the pleasant music video of your choice into a sweaty car park in Rotterdam, 1996, where they're all dancing to a techno-fabulous version of that very track.

We here at Trumpton Fire Brigade Interactive are now working on a standalone web based version for the webcam based semi-skimmed experience. Throw a towel or rug over your head and create your own 90s gabba reality.


Stu, Hugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble and Pete.


Hugh Rawlinson
Peter Blatchford