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Hey guys!,

We're two students from Columbia University and really excited to participate in our first Hackathon!

Our idea is to start simple and create a single web page app that basically takes cities and locales a well as a time period and returns a sample playlist of songs that were hot at the time. It uses the EchoNest to leverage some analytic querying, before pipping the results into Rdio's web API for playback.


Right now it only is supported on Chrome and tested with Mac OSX, and requires a page refresh on every new search.

In order to skip to the next song, you must press the play button after skipping.

Although authentication wasn't implemented, if you are logged in to your Rdio account, you will be able to regardless stream the full duration of the songs, otherwise you will be provided with 30 second snippets.

We hope you have fun playing around with it, we know we had a great time making it.

Thanks for making our first Hackathon one to remember!



Chris Evans
Joshua Boggs