Music Hack Day SF 2013

in San Francisco, CA

Borrow. Rent. Play.


  1. Musicians need access to very specialised equipment
  2. Music stores are often found only in major cities and have a very limited inventory
  3. Musicians are willing to loan their instruments but only to individuals they know and trust that they will take good care of the instrument


Instrumentio will help you find the precise equipment you need, in the city you need it in, from people who know you'll take good care of it.
If the person who has what you need is outside your circle of trust, the system will tell you how to get introduced, and will show the lender how they're connected to someone who could vouch for you.


Validation of this concept began at Startup Weekend in Montreal on Feb 9th-10th (last weekend) where we received feedback from many musicians who agreed that this project fills a real need. We even have a video of their responses to prove it.

Projects like are fantastic and it's great to see them thrive. While there are similarities, this project is fundamentally different, filling an unserved niche with particular needs.

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