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JamLog lets you archive and share your musical legacy for free.

Record online. Get a waveform. Save all your files in one place. Don't pay money to host your music. Listen to different versions of your songs.

JamLog eliminates bandwidth and hosting costs by creating videos of songs+waveforms with LAME + FFMpeg, and sending to YouTube for hosting, and Amazon Glacier for long-term archiving of the original files. The Glacier cost is $0.01 per GB (but free for the user). YouTube also lets you mark multiple songs in one recording.

JamLog groups songs by song title so you can hear every version of a song you wrote from the first time you came up with the idea to the final studio version.

I hope the Hackathon can help JamLog turn into the sexy beast it wants to be. I'm participating in the Hackathon in hopes of putting the fine details on the project, making it real, and finding advisors.


Brian Ruff