Music Hack Day SF 2013

in San Francisco, CA

Check out our performance here:

And for more explanation:

Using an Army of Leap Motion cameras, we have combined forces to showcase some its capabilities for realtime Audio/Visual control.

Our Leap Motions are broadcasting OSC information using
* A NodeJS, WebSocket to OSC bridge
* Java SDK
Each of us are using a slightly different method for broadcasting OSC.

We have visual elements cued from
* Our generated audio to Magic (
* OSC information from our Leaps to a browser-based visualization using the Canvas API.

The audio is being generated from
* Reason, with control via OSCulator
* Ableton, via Max4Live control
* Supercollider

We wanted to demonstrate briefly, the capability that the Leap holds for realtime audio and video manipulation. The potential for this device, and the wealth of hackers who can make beautiful textures from it, is seemingly endless!

Demo Video

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