Music Hack Day SF 2013

in San Francisco, CA

Neuronal Synchrony


Neuronaly Synchrony demonstrates streaming SoundCloud tracks in modern browsers by visualizing its waveform data. For each two-dimensional animation there is a corresponding bandwidth frequency and amplitude threshold. When the threshold is broken the animation is triggered. There's not much UI so the additional features are explained below:

  • You can listen to your own track by adding the SoundCloud permalink to a song like so: /?url=
  • Turn on comment visualizing by opening up the developer console and pasting: SHOW_COMMENTS = true;
  • Turn on the editor by opening up the developer console and typing:; This will bring up an EQ showing peaks in frequencies and circles that represent each animation. Feel free to click and drag these. A green circle means there is not an animation running, red means an animation is running. N.B: Animations cannot be triggered while animating.

The url input in Hacker League is forcing a lowercase on my uri and GitHub requires caps, so the actual url is here:

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