Music Hack Day SF 2013

in San Francisco, CA


  • The Echo Nest - 1st prize iPad with Retina display, 2nd prize iPad Mini
  • Roqbot - Will be awarding a 3M Streaming Projector powered by Roku to their favorite hack.
  • Klout - Will be awarding a $200 Amazon Gift card.
  • Sennheiser - Will be awarding MOMENTUM headphone(s) for their favorite hack.
  • Pandora - Will be awarding $1,000 Amazon Gift Card for their favorite hack.
  • Twilio - Will be awarding One RØDE iXY Mic
  • Gracenote - 2 x Beats by Dre Pill Wireless Speakers to our favorite hack(s)
  • Soundcloud - Will fly the winner(s) out to the next Music Hack Day in North America
  • Mashery - The best Mashery music hack at SF Music Hack Day will be featured in our Circus Mashimus lounge at SXSW powering our mashup jukebox.
  • Mashape - $500 prize for best use of 2 or more APIs from Mashape
  • Mashape/Magisto - $250 Amazon Gift Card for "Favorite Hack" using Magisto API in Mashape
  • Tokbox - Will be awarding 2 tickets to Coachella for their favorite hack
We've joined the Mashery family. Read the announcement.