Music Hack Day Stockholm '13

in Stockholm, Södermanland


    We Are Streaming The Presentations Live

    Hack Day Demos live from Stockholm. Streaming live now: #musichackday

    Hacking Almost Finishsed


    We love hacking too!
    We are wrapping up in the next hour. If you haven't signed up on Hacker League to present your project, do it now.

    If you need to test your tech or presentations, now is the time. Our IT technician should be here shortly to answer any further questions.

    Anything else: call Andrew Mager at +1 646 413 1271

    Thanks for coming, and we look forward to seeing your hacks shortly.

    Welcome to MHD!

    Hey guys,

    Really excited to have you visit our new office in Stockholm. This will be its first external hack day.

    If you have any questions throughout the event, don't hesitate to contact me:

    Cell: +1646-413-1271
    Email: mager [at] spotify [dot] com
    Twitter: @mager or @SpotifyPlatform

    We will be using Hacker League for hack submissions using a random order.

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