Music Hack Day Stockholm '13

in Stockholm, Södermanland

Join us for an exciting adventure in the world of SoundQuest, the music discovery MMORPG* in Spotify.

SoundQuest will be a standalone Spotify App using the Soundrop SDK to connect to the social music discovery experience provided by the Soundrop Platform. In the SoundQuest world, you will be able wander around and visit the House of Dubstep, the House of Chill Out, and of course the House of House.

The ultimate goal in SoundQuest is the discovery of the Great Sound. However, this journey is full of obstacles and monsters we will have to defeat, in particular when crossing the terrible Crypt of ECMA. Courage and design skills are not to be excluded from the potions the Team will have to pack to survive the weekend.

Let's build this together.

* Musically Massive Online Role Playing Game

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