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Drupal is a powerful content management system popular among universities.

Examples include Rutgers, Oregon State University, Amherst, Arizona State University, Georgia Tech, Vanderbilt, and many more.

Instead of creating a brand new website, I've created a module to integrate with existing Drupal university websites, bringing in information about Pearson courses.

Pearson information is updated regularly. On my demonstration site, Pearson content is updated every five minutes.

Text Messaging

Using Twilio, students can opt-in for text messaging to their mobile phones:

  • New/updated announcements
  • Upcoming exams

Text Message Announcements

This solves a major problem for students. Many students are on cell phones consistently, and would benefit from text message reminders.


Students can set goals for a particular class. (Ex. 90% for CS-101)

When new Exams are created, students are alerted, with a custom-tailored message on how to reach their goal.

Text Message Goals

Professors also have the ability to see how the class is doing at reaching (or not reaching) their goals.

Student Goals

Please see my video (at the bottom) for more details.

Judges have been given a login to my website, which is very important to have.
(Some links allow judges to manipulate course content for any contestant, so logging in is necessary)
I've been told that the login information has been provided to judges. If not, please contact me immediately:

Once logged in, click the Judges link in the upper right menu for a full explanation of my project.

Logging in

APIs Used

Synchronize courses with users

  1. URI: Courses for Term - List all courses in our term

  2. URI: Users Enrolled in Course - Get all users in those courses

  3. URI: User Information - Gets the Pearson username, which is necessary

Stand-alone features

  1. URI: Course Entry - Course entry

  2. URI: Syllabus for Course - Syllabus

  3. URI: Announcements in Course - Announcements

  4. URI: Course Grade to Date by User - Get current grade of student

Get upcoming exams with total points

  1. URI: Upcoming Events in Course - Get upcoming events for course and user

  2. URI: Gradebook Items for Course Items - Get gradbook item's GUID with

  3. URI: Gradebook Items for Course - Use GUID to to get the total points of this exam

Calculate student progress

  1. URI: Roster Course Grades to Date - Getting grades of all students, for making pie chart


Demo Video


ContestAdmin over 2 years ago

Thank you for your Idea Proposal submission! Be sure to check out the details you'll need to include with your Proposal so we can evaluate your idea on September 30. You'll find everything you need to know here: https://www.hackerleague.org/hackathons/pearson-student-coding-contest/wikipages/51f92b50c45ae8523f00012b

mikeDOTexe over 2 years ago

Sure would like to know what I could have improved upon in this submission. Take care

Krewn about 2 years ago

Congrats, you used the API and it looks like you did more with it than most. Hopefully this will help people with their studies.

Mike Purvis