What is PennApps?

In three words: Eat. Sleep. Code.

In more detail, PennApps is The University of Pennsylvania's bi-annual hackathon.

Students team up over the weekend to build amazing applications, this year centered around the theme of Simplicity.

When is it?

5:00pm Friday, Jan 13th to 4:30pm Sunday, Jan 15th

Although our first official event starts at 5pm on Friday, it definitely would not hurt to come earlier so you can grab a table and settle down around 4pm or so.

Free Bus Tickets?!

Use the Promotion Code "GOFREE" to get a free to get a free Megabus.com ticket to Philadelphia.

If there are free trips remaining, you will see a ticket price of $0. If don't see any more tickets that are $0, no worries. Buy your Megabus or Boltbus ticket and we'll reimburse you. Just give us a paper copy of your receipt when you come in on Friday!


• First: $2,500
• Second: $1,500
• Third: $1,000

And Much More...

Demo Videos

Watch live streaming video from pennapps at livestream.com